Imagine turning moving stress into moving inspiration….  My name is Jennifer Haartman and I am a fully insured, Certified Ultimate Stager. My business is called New Beginnings Home Staging and that is exactly what I do.   For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for anything creative, you could say that it is in my blood.  As a little kid I couldn’t wait to get up and draw pictures at the kitchen table while I waited for everyone else to wake up.  I was happiest when I was making things.  My passion continued throughout childhood and high school. Every year I would enter just about every art and craft category at the fall fairs. I entered my best work and won prize money.  From an early age I knew the value of a dollar and Home staging is without question one of the best investments you can make, with a 390% return on investment!  This translates to a 2-10% increase in your home’s selling price.  Who wouldn’t love getting these returns for their clients?  

After high school I graduated from Culinary Arts School and worked in fine dining.  In the Culinary Arts world presentation is everything.  I take the same approach with your home; I understand the psychology of buyers.  Today’s buyers are shopping for homes on the internet and the MLS listing needs to have impact or people aren’t going to come see it.  Curb appeal is essential to draw the buyer into the home.

After that I worked as Food Service Coordinator in a camp kitchen for a number of years where my staff and I routinely cooked up to 700 meals a day.  Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?  I found it extremely rewarding.  I grew to love the mass amount of co-ordinating, managing, problem solving, teamwork and organizing that went into a 30-minute meal. These are the exact skills that make me a successful home stager.  I do a mass amount of preparation for that first impression that means everything to you.  Moving is said to be one of life’s most stressful experiences but it doesn’t need to be.  I am here to take work off your plate and put money in your pocket! 

Also, who knows more about creating mass appeal then a former camp cook?  Don’t kids have a reputation for being picky eaters, something like the potential buyers that are coming through your home with a fine tooth comb?  I have cooked for thousands and thousands of kids and as a camp cook I helped change the menu to include things like homemade cinnamon buns and the kids went nuts. This is what I mean by creating mass appeal.  Through my creative solutions I open up the market for your home.  Did you know that staged homes spend an average of 85% less time on the market?  This translates to a home that sells in less than 10 days!

As soon as I heard about home staging I knew it was for me.  I could see the untapped potential in the MLS listings. I devoured every book on Home Staging I could, and started imagining transforming spaces.  I got my Home Staging Certification with local industry leaders at the Ultimate Stager Academy.  I chose this school because they are extremely professional, they stress going above and beyond and this is the care you are looking for when selling your most valuable asset.  I wanted to be more than just a great stager, I wanted to build great relationships with my clients.  Some people think a stager is going to judge them or their home, it is the opposite, the reason my clients need me is because I see the potential in their home and its best features.  I went on to broaden my knowledge base by completing a Home Renovation certificate from Mohawk College where I learned everything from painting to dry walling to tiling to electrical and plumbing so I could offer my clients a product that is second to none.  I had so much fun doing this I completed more courses in interior design, real estate and photography.  Home Staging isn’t just a job to me, it is something that I am truly passionate about.

I am proud to offer my clients outstanding, custom products that work starting with my free estimates.  New Beginnings Home Staging uses a system that has been proven successful 1000s of times.  I offer an array of solutions, one being my comprehensive 19-page written consultation report.  I love this report because nothing is lost in translation and home owners are left with a straightforward valuable tool to prepare their home.  Another popular option is my showcasing, where I give you not only my written 19-page consultation report but hands on help using your own furniture.  Want to take your home to the next level?  Imagine a stager that does whatever it takes to make your house look perfect, everything from arrangement of cleaning, window washing, fresh furniture, accessories and more.  My passion is transforming lives through transformed spaces.  Are you ready to create New Beginnings?  Call me today and let’s get started!