Home Seller Success Kit


The Real Estate Market has changed drastically in the last 30 years, especially with the introduction of HGTV.  There is a large gap between what buyers are looking for and what sellers are offering.  Jennifer was tired of seeing sellers get blindsided by market pitfalls and burned by their own misconceptions.  Mindset is where we begin.  These kits are extremely well received, this package will get you on the right track to effectively sell your property, giving you a great foundation for the whole process, eyes wide open!  Your kit can be ordered separately or in a bundle with your consultation.    


This is the best of both worlds, professional advice and the option to save money by doing much of the work yourself.  This 2-3 hour visit with Jennifer equips you with a plan of action that is custom tailored to your resources, budget and time frame.  A Room Ready Handbook, filled in by Jennifer is your detailed report to keep, outlining the alterations that will make the greatest impact on buyers.  Jennifer will be available for any additional follow up questions as you prepare your property for market.  Additionally you will be provided with a list of vendors that will give you preferred pricing on moving related products like paint, storage, movers, furniture, art and much more.

Showcasing: Making your Properties Potential Reality

Today's buyer are looking for move in ready and New Beginnings Home Staging understands  what appeals to them.  Now that you have made the most impactful alterations to your property you have the opportunity to have it showcased.  While you were busy working Jennifer was getting ready to give your property some final touches.  She is ready to implements a unique design plan for your property creating mass buyer appeal for your area's demographic.   On showcasing day Jennifer optimizes your properties traffic flow, properly spaces furniture, hangs art at correct heights, creates a harmonious colour scheme, applies colour mapping, enhances appropriate focal points and  highlights the strengths of your property, adds any outstanding  furniture and accessories to bring together the final package.  You won't believe your eyes!

Furniture and Accessory Rental


Jennifer specializes in staging occupied properties, applying staging principles working with the furniture and accessories you already have.  If you are lacking the right furniture or accessories New Beginnings Home Staging carries a full line to make your property into the fresh slate buyers desire.  Jennifer is able to put together an inventory package to complete your properties look.

Heavy Duty Air Purification Machine

This heavy duty air cleaner drastically improves air quality removing barriers to sale like allergens, toxins, pollutants, odors, germs and pet dander.  With clean, breathable air, those looking at your property want to linger a little longer and appreciate everything your property has to offer. 

A successful sale is a phone call away